“Stylish, attractive and so comfortable!” That’s how one of our treasured customers described her boots, just before ordering a second pair. At Bootmakers, we strive for not just your satisfaction, but also your enchantment. When you hold your first pair of Bootmakers, we want you to marvel at its craftsmanship, a testimony to the master craftsmen who take immense pride in their work, having practiced their trade over generations. Feel the smoothness of the full-grain uppers, crafted with care and dedication. We want you to revel in the comfort of boots created just for you.

We offer a variety of styles for the discerning customer, whether you’re a retired dancer who understands the importance of a good fit and sole, an equestrian who seeks out a boot that enhances the riding experience, or an ambitious go-getter who wants and demands high quality.

The 2018 Bootmakers Men‘s Fall collection reflects a bold, tasteful collection for serious dressers–with a mix of boots, dress shoes, and loafers. The variety of styles in this collection are bound together by their shared comfort and superior finish. These shoes reflect the key accessory for any sophisticated gentleman–tie undone, whiskey neat.


Vidhya Iyer – Designer/Owner

A CPA, MBA, mom, ceramic artist and entrepreneur, Vidhya is the owner & designer of Bootmakers. Unable to find the right riding boots for her young family, Vidhya found a cobbler willing to make the boots to fit their little feet. Her friends requested that she make boots for them and soon Bootmakers was launched.


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